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A teddy bear skull is quite a difficult thing to create, given the unique form of a tedddy's ears, which arguably, gives it its cute identity. Chivalry has focussed on the other features which would make sense to the skeletal structure, as we the viewer would understand, given our own biology.

A good example of this, is the exaggeration of the teddies cheeks, the empty ‘Puppy dog’ eyes carved specifically to draw you in and sympathise with the deceased characters story.

This project while being dark in appearance is actually a form of art therapy.

The objective is to take a bear skull and leave it in a place of beauty or decay. A metaphor for leaving the past behind. A bad experience, a dream not achieved, a trauma unresolved, a release or way of moving on.


Each bear is cast with plaster from a single mould, then teddy bear appendages are added once cured.

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