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This series is a visual diary by the artist Steve Chivalry.
Each book contains ten life drawings, quick sketches measured by a site-specific rule.

Chivalry’s scratchings capture people and societies obsession with coffee shop life. These drawings have materialised from his mission to draw at least once a day, specifically on his lunch breaks.

This collection of captured scratchy marks are recorded in a short time frame.
The timeframe is a rule modelled upon his ‘chew and sip method’.

Chivalry shares his methods, encouraging the reader, to engage with the rule themself.
Through the rough mark making, you can see the artists subconscious thoughts filter through the pen.

“In my opinion it is not my best work, but my most honest work. This process is a joy, you should try it yourself, you will be surprised. (The trick is to chew slow, this way you really savour the taste of whatever you are eating, just make sure it is something yummy”.
 Steve Chivalry
2020 sneak peek cover travel edition par
2020 sneak peek cover lockdown Edition p
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