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Working With Almay for my Front Cover

Jackie suggested that Almay help with my front cover. I have an idea for it, however Almay is a pro and she can help me a little more with my vision.

Almay's example Is the first image, its a great set up.

Almay BeukmanTue, 17 Aug, 19:20 to me Hello hello, Right so first of all, I have to apologise because the quality of the cover mock up is pretty pants but I’ve done what I could with what I have!! However, I think if you’re able to get a better quality photo of an actual graffiti’d wall (or similar), it could look a lot stronger! I also propose that my design only gets viewed as a template or guide of sorts? For example: the typography for the title is my handwriting but if you wanted to use your own I definitely think you should go for it! (Another note: the smaller text on the cover isn’t final, I’m still testing fonts that’ll work well with hand written typography). The copy for the back cover can be added later if you decide you want to include a blurb etc. As for the "paper posters” on “brick wall”, I think it could be really cool to actually print them and paste them to a wall so you can get real lighting and textures! Of course, this is only if you have spare time and wanted something more authentic. I also thought that it might be neat to get some of your sketches or related work printed on some sticker paper so you can physically stick them to the book cover as if you would on a real wall! Please let me know what you think about the concept so far because if it comes down to it and you’re happy to collect elements like the handwriting, wall image, bear skull image yourself, then I would be more than happy to put it all together for you!

So I went of with my partner back to Fort Fareham and we pasted up a picture of one of my bears.

I used water and flour to stick the paper to the wall, this allowed the brick to come through and created depth and texture.

In the end I went with My original design idea. The paste up was too wet to get a good image. I will go back and take more pics soon with a better camera and see where we go for when I get the book printed.

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