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Updating my website for the exhibition in New york.

After a productive session with Jackie on zoom, I felt refreshed and ready to go.

Jackie suggested that I clean up my existing website, make sure everything current and relevant, but also easy to access.

I will be using my art website

So, I will do exactly that. I have a deadline for this too, the 17th of December is opening night.

Ideally everything should be ready for then. Luckily as we know the internet is worldwide so my site will be easily accessible to any curious art collectors.

Things to do to site.

· Tidy up the teddy bear project page.

· Improve all gallery headers on each page (fresh images)

· Update pictures on the home page with current work.

· Fix header and footer.

· Add link to 22 Chews and 1 Slip book series.

· Make teddy bear image being displayed in NYC one of the first thing the viewer sees.

· Update contact information.

· Ensure copyright is place on the site.

· Attach videos of bears and make them accessible.

· Advertise my Facebook art page in bio.

· Advertise my Instagram art page in bio.

· Advertise my Saatchi Online page in bio.

· Update my artist statement.

· Update my exhibiting timeline.

· Make all platform for my work accessible through my site.

· Request graphics from Agora Gallery to promote them on my site.

· Request preferred links to there pages to promote the exhibition.

· Links on header updated, email address, 22 Chews and 1 Sip link.

· Links for all social media, email address, copyright, home page back button and link to books on amazon all on footer.

· Re-order task bar – Home, Bio, Teddy Bear Project ordered at the beginning for easy access.

· Make website mobile friendly…people will be flicking through their phones for information on opening night.

The list was completed, and the site was ready to publish for the exhibition a few days before the opening night.

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