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Tutorial with Lee Shearman

Good to hear about your project and its potential outputs stemming from your trilogy of short stories and how you might incorporate the performative elements/ visuals through a sequence of photographs, fine art and illustration. Your ideas contain elements of shrine-making, performance, photography, fiction, pseudonym / alter ego, time-based media. For you a focus could now be on how you bring these elements together in print/digital form and how the text accompanies imagery/ sequence. Here are links to some of the works I mentioned (and more):

Paul Auster (novelist) & Sophie Calle (artist)

Double game:

Sophie Calle:

Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story:

You could look at the work of Andrew Kotting (filmmaker) and his wayfaring, psychogeographical films:

Andrew often collaborates with writer Iain Sinclair (writer) especially in regards to Psychogeography:

‘’ A significant proportion of Sinclair's work has consisted of an ambitious and elaborate literary recuperation.’’

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