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Tutorial with Jackie

Just had a read through the teddy bear story.

(I will get on to the others soon - have lots of BA stuff to clear).

I am thinking about how the story and notes fit together.

I enjoy reading the author's notes and this could be a great string throughout.

Have a listen to Studs Terkel's technique for interviewing and collecting stories.

It would be good to make more of a difference between the story and the analysis.

You could try shorter story or more stylised tone, even poetry (?)

Or experiment with sound recordings, as if the story is told in a pub (add a sound effect?)

Or maybe type it out as a play, so the interviewer asks questions then the storyteller answers.

The author's notes would then form commentary.

The story is very melancholy and doesn't allow for your humour, but then it wouldn't.

With the illustrations, you could also look at concentration camp art- I like the monochrome.

Also, simplify to metaphors and symbols, you don't need to include everything in the picture

if it's already in the text. Unless you cut the text a bit - then add to the image (it's a balance).

This is a good source:

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