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Tutorial with Jackie

Illustration Major Project

We discussed the Naked Knight introduction and author's notes.

The creation of a fictional author or nom de plume is a useful technique to allow for a range of narrative voices.

I want to know more about Ronald Beezley - what does he look like, where was he educated where did her work? Have a look at the author's short bios included in many paperbacks...

Write an author's bio and we can discuss this at the next session. Add a photo of Ronald as well (you in disguise or unknown person?).

Also have a look at :

Nabokov's novel Pale Fire, there's quite a nice overview here...

Also, in terms of the narrators voice and tone have a look at:

Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau’s

First published in French in 1947. In Queneau’s book, the same two-paragraph passage (Notation) is written in 99 different ways.

The whole text is available here (to skim through, you'll get the idea quickly):

The audience of your tales seems pitched at teen fiction+

This will work well with a balance of text / 1-2 images per tale.

We discussed whether to make the tales - stand alone? This can be a useful way of keeping them distinct and also releasing them digitally - since you're also experimenting with Kindle Publishing.

The tone is right for the age group and has your humour appearing in sections (rabbit slippers). Now we have the context, author/narrator/illsutrator lets get a list of all the possible tales.

Try creating a list of what you have so far, then mark them as / finished / draft / very rough / concept stage / initial idea

This list can be added to your research for this module - are you using sketchbooks or continuing with a blog?

Fetishes - I found this example on the British Museum site (there are lots more if you search).

Also search for 'talisman' and possible 'lucky charms'

There's some on American Indian carvings but lots of cultures do this.

ALSO - seems a Bear Fetish is a 'thing' and serves a specific purpose.

Illustration in Context Module

I'll check about the research database PURE at Uni and get back to you on that.

The New York exhibition - great! Document this as much as you can, screenshot the gallery website when they post information about it - keep a good record that's it's happened. This will also be added to your artist's website later, and you may want to include information in your final statement (for the MA).

Additional thoughts

I mentioned some mental health training as you have people skills that would adapt well to being able to support people with their own creativity and personal challenges. Maybe consider this for the longer term, but art therapy or associated fields can be a positive career option (you'd be great at working with teens/young people).

There are lots of 1 day courses, some in Uni, some external, e.g.

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