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The Little Bear Script

Jackie suggested that the little bear would work as a play.

I gave it some thought and decided to peruse it.

I contacted Gregory Smith from the White Swan Building. He is a technician over there, so he deals with a lot of students wanting to bring their scripts to life.

I sent him the story and we had a meeting about it. He was impressed and said it would work well as an interactive play, in a pub. The play would have student actors and would run, say every hour, where the story is told in the pub the same way that it is in the book.

I loved this idea! I talked to him about getting it on a stage in the university and he informed me it was possible if I asked the students of the white swan who are graduating and finished for the year (to work on it for free). He was also concerned about the time, it would be a large endeavour and take up a lot of time. With the Covid-19 issue, there is a set amount of people that would be allowed on the stage, this would include actors and audience, so he suggest I try and get the ball rolling after my hand in and when restrictions have relaxed.

He sent me a link that would convert my story into a script, I have not tried it yet as I wanted to concentrate on my existing work, however, it is something I will peruse.

Gmail - The Little Bear- Gregory Smith Script conversation
Download PDF • 64KB

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