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Stolen Space- Placing a Teddy Bear in a spot that I have walked past for years.

For years I have I

walked past Stolen Space Gallery on Osborne St In London.

Next to the gallery is a perfect little plinth and i always thought that there needed to be a sculpture of installation up there.

I contacted Stolen Space Gallery and asked their permission to place it there.

Below is the email exchange.


Hi Stolen Space,

I hope you guys are doing well in these unpredictable times, I hope you are healthy and that business is good.

I am contacting you today to inquire about a potential place outside your gallery in which I could install a piece of my street art.

I am currently completing my postgraduate degree in illustration. Formally I studied Fine art and received my graduate degree in 2011. Between then and now I have submerged myself into practice in the creative world. I work in the woodwork, plastic, small metals and laser cutting workshops at the university of Portsmouth, ever expanding my art portfolio.

My final major project will be an artist book associated with a project I started in 2017. the Teddy bear project.

Originally, coupled with my love of street art, the project was a form of art therapy for myself.

The Teddy bears within this project are a metaphor, describing the neglect of our own inner child.

The Teddies I create are a skeletal composition of our former loved furry companions.

The act of leaving the teddies on the streets or rural areas is to let go of one's demons. However upon seeing them as a bystander you can not help but think back to your own furry childhood companion and ask a question. Is my Teddy bear ok?

I wanted to ask if I could put one of my bears outside of your gallery. You see, there is a perfect spot just to the right of your building. I have walked past it many times and admired the tiny little space. I have highlighted the area on google maps for you to see.

A few people have just told me to put it there, however I feel that would be rude.

I would rather open a conversation with you and work alongside you guys as I have attended many exhibitions over the years and respect your reputation.

You would of course be referenced in the book I am creating for my final major project.

I have put examples of the bears below, also please feel free to look through my portfolio via my website, where you will find many more examples of my work.(

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest regards,

Steve Chivalry


Dear Steve,

I hope you are well?

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding placing your artwork on the side of our Gallery.

The area you have highlighted is actually where we access one of our electricity points. Therefore, we are happy for you to place you artwork there, as long as it’s on a temporary basis to document for your book, and not permanently fixed there (for our future access needs!).

Please let me know if you have any further queries, and have a lovely day!

Kind regards,



Hi Mollie,

Thank you for your email.

What wonderful news, thank you. It may be a few weeks before I am able to get up to London, however I will let you know when I do.

Once I have taken the pictures, I will take the bear down immediately, so as not to obstruct your access.

Before I publish the book I will of course send you a spread of the finished page for your approval.

Can you recommend any other interesting spaces around brick lane and the surrounding area? I have installed many pieces around the area in the past, however I was looking for a more permanent place (if one exists). If you have any ideas please do let me know?

Thank you again,

Kindest regards,

Steve Chivalry

Dear Mollie,

I hope you had a great weekend?

Just giving you a heads up, my partner and I will be driving up to Bricklane tomorrow. We are planning on arriving at about 12 ish (traffic depending).

Will you be in tomorrow?

Kind regards,



Hi Steve,

I hope you’re well!

Yes, I’m at the gallery today (we are not open to the public) but I’m happy to let you in if you wanted to look around the space!

Kind regards, Mollie


Hi Mollie,

Thank you again for yesterday, my partner and I had a great time.

I will keep you updated on the book once I have the page spread ready.

Also is it Ok if i post some of yesterday's photos on instagram? If so, should I tag the gallery in it? Do you have an instagram account I can tag?

I put another one out yesterday too, have a look at the images below.

I hope you enjoy the bear! Have you named him/her/neutral yet?

Kind regards,



Hi Steve,

It was lovely to meet you and your partner!

I am glad you were able to get some great shots, and I look forward to seeing your book.

Yes of course you can post and tag us on Instagram (@stolenspacegallery).

That other Brick Lane bear looks perfect there! I’ll have a walk down after work and check if it’s still there haha. I am still deciding the name…perhaps Steve would be fitting! He has a happy spot overlooking my computer :)

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Kind regards, Mollie


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