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Updated: May 13, 2019

Does Technology steel originality from the artist and their methods or processes?

I felt I needed ask this question to some creatives that I know; unfortunately, I only got hold of three people… I think the data I collected was interesting and could be used within this research as quite an important document.

The third person is particular interesting; I like this comment because it is not prejudice against technology. The other comments are useful as they show a certain naivety in one comment and in another a cryptic cycle that cancels it’s self-out.

Person 1

“YES! Accompanied by its opposite NO!

If an artist depends too greatly on the technology of choice and it corrupts the original concept…YES… However, this corruption could be seen as evolution from the first concepts original state… So NO!”.

Marc Beatie-2018

Person 2

Yes, the old ways are always the best…

Anonymous- 2018

Person 3

“No, Technology is merely a tool used to achieve a certain outcome, to make a process easier, to simplify a method that may not suit the user. The user’s artistic licence can be determined by the technology used. From charcoal, to pencil, to pen, to type writer, to computer, to tablet. Technical evolution is something that MUST be embraced, and if not used, respected in creative realm.”

Dale Pattenden - 2018

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