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Meeting with Neequaye

Question asked by me.

Do you have a team of people that help you with your projects?

Neequaye - Yes, always make the effort to thank them on social media. Banksy and his work has to be part of a process from a collection of people. (listing all the things required to make successful art work and sell it).

In summary it is worth looking into finding a team of people to help me with my projects.

Neequaye spoke about his method of working. "working backwards" is a method that he enthusiastically explain. Or "have the end in mind" I was happy to hear that as this is a method that I adopt myself.

I mentioned my dilema with choosing a body of work for representation in New York this september coming.

Neequaye advised two things to help clear my mind a bit.

1. Ask the gallery directly what they would like from me, find out what they liked about my work in the first place and go from there.

2. Check the gallery out on thier social media. Look at past exhibtions and get a feel of thier aesthetics.

Neequaye also advised to "test the product". Get my work out there for feedback. Create a instagram page dedicated to a specific project and get feedback from peers and colleauges.

Neequaye mentioned also that the way I see my art work will be different to the way others see the pieces of my portfolio. However there is a time and place for the entire body of your work a specific peices. Basically don't pigeon hole myself into one thing , branch out and work differently to others.

Neequaye let me know that we could continue the conversation, at whatever stage of the final project, just by dropping him an email.

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