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Group Tutorial

We discussed the development of your narrative (send a copy to Ros and Jac for some feedback when you have a version you are happy with).

We spoke about how you are developing and combining media to create a new version of a medieval tapestry. The experiments with the decorative boarders were great to see and captured the ideas you were explaining. You showed the example of the rabbits in their own separate story in the boarder.

You talked about layering-up background images to give you a texture to work on.

This is a medieval technique called a palimpsest

This is a useful article on this practice from the British Library

Things to do:

Get the size and scope of the embroidery machine so you know what sizes you can work with.

Keep developing your skills on Procreate. Here's a link to a short tutorial I made about adding your own textures (you might find this useful).

Adobe accreditation - do some of the practice tests see if you are ready for the exam in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign.

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