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Email tutorial response (17.02.21)JB

Yes I think these connect well together with the artefacts and the story acting as companion pieces to each other.It would be interesting to see whether they can be combined - a book that also includes images of the bears? This will be a good discussion in a tutorial. You could also have them as two similar books that work as a pair.

My feeling is that if we can get them into the same book this would be an usual item and would cross over the boundaries between fine art/performance/illustration.

The scummy bears are slightly different in that the message is more objective - environmental.

This feels more like a part two - if the skulls and narrative is part one.

My suggestion would be to attempt to see how the narrative and skulls could work in one combined book format.

This could be your main Illustration Major Project.

Think of the Scummy bears as the next project but as a development to the theme.

This could be added to Illustration in Context as you plan for how to show them and promote them.

What do you think?

I'll also try and arrange a tutorial with you and Neequaye later in the term as I think he'd be able to help since he has

such a lot of experience working as a street artist.

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