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Australian Bear - Just missed out on hand-in deadline

I sent a bear to my friend Dale Pattenden in Australia last year. Dale Is a teacher out there in Perth.

I was excited to receive an emails (Below) from him containing great images i can use for my book.

The Teddy bear became part of the students project... which was awesome!

Check out some of the drawings in the images below.

Emails From Dale

Hey bro, you get my photos okay? I sent you over photos of the Teddy Bear being drawn, discussed and finally laid to rest in a place called ‘Point Walter, recreation and conference centre’ in Perth, WA, right next to a painted blue tree, which stands as a landmark for those that have committed suicide here in WA. It was great! My students loved your work as did my colleagues. Love you man! Let me know if you got them okay, I can always send them via email


Hey man, yea it was intense; it was a 3 day, Art Boot Camp I took them on. Great opportunity for them to work on their final work. Didn’t have time to read your story bro, so I just hooked your website up to the smart TV and went through that. We had a guest Author and Illustrator, Michael Speechly, there with us, when I presented your work, he loved it! @speechleyart Check him out, another chance to connect with like minded practitioners bud! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, great fun. Yep, it’s there now! I’ll be going back next year so we’ll see if it’s still there. I got them tearing up parcel paper, collaging it with drawing paper. Then drawing with charcoal, brush and ink, using their own implements they made out of sticks, grass and other found objects x

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