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Aesthetica Art Magazine- Artist Directory Experiment

Updated: May 7, 2021

Another experiment worth engaging in is paying for a magazine to promote your work.

Reputable magazines usually have 100,000’s of subscribers. They also cater to a lot of the reputable galleries to. Getting your work into such a magazine can result in a career changing event.

I have often worked Aesthetica magazine, who publish your work in the magazine for a small fee.

The options that they have available depend on the spread for that month. Usually, I pay for the cheapest print for my work. However, for this experiment I will pay to become part of their artist directory.

An artist directory contains a small Bio and pictures of your work. It means you are paying a one-off fee to be part of their directory.

I intend to show a range of my work, with many different examples of mediums. They required 8 images, One of which can be one of you working, which they encouraged.

During a corrispondance with the lady organising my spread she gave me a choice of layout in the printed edition of the magazine

I chose the bottom right image as it shows all of the image, however it was good to have a choice.

As for the artist directory, you are at the top of their database online for that month and then you sort of vanish into the background as other applicants for the next month take priority. however, I believe you are still part of the directory.

The digital directory situation was a little disappointing, as I would have liked to use the link to magazine for my website, but never mind.

I received a free magazine through the post which has my work displayed in it, which is nice. I now know that my work is part of a collection in a magazine.

I think this way of promoting yourself is brilliant and you are organised and perhaps have an exhibition on at the time of the magazines release.

It could however get a bit pricey if you did this for every edition. However, if you have a budget for the promotion of your work each month and a guaranteed audience then it is perfect.

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