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So expanding on the pen thing form last weeks tutorial and our discussion about Jacky's novelty pen, I decided to look through Thingiverse for another flamboyant and outrageous design.

I found Thor's Hammer Mjolnir (special thanks to the designer, by effektz is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license).

When analysing this creative method I have come to the conclusion that although the results are fast and can be achieved by simply browsing through a bunch of designs created by other people...It doesn't feel particularly honest...In fact the 3D printer does the work for you, so effectively the only thing you contribute to the creative process is simply your time (3 hours maybe) and your wallet. 

Call me old fashioned, but I like to get my hands dirty in the creation of something new... I think this method and use of technology takes away any personal creativity. 

However if you spend the time learning different software packages and put in the time designing the file yourself it could be quite a monumental, purposeful endeavor!( I take my hat off to these people). However that endeavor is then cheapened by the fact the file you have created and can be printed off by anybody with a working 3D printer and is essentially free to the world.

This use of technology doesn't not work for me in process of creativity. I can understand how this works for industry and making multiple objects quickly. But its not 'my cup of tea'. Saying that I completely respect the amount of work that goes into the entire process. However the method I used , google search, download, print... is not a very creative method and not a particularly fare process in my opinion.

I'd like to quote Willy Bank, Al Pacino's character in the film Oceans Thirteen, as it springs to mind!

"I don't want the labor pains. I just want the baby!"

Jacky Batey this pen is now part of your collection...good luck getting it in your pencil case!


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