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22 Chews and 1 Sip - Introduction Covid Travel Rules

For the Covid - 19 Travel Edition i have written new rules .

COVID 19 conscious train sketching rules.

i. Enter train station in full COVID-19 PPE, discreetly check you have all your equipment for drawing. Wait for your train.

ii. Prepare sanitiser for when you press the button to open the train doors. Board the train, sanitise your hands.

iii. Find a comfortable place to sit, with a good view, sit quickly before the good seats are stolen by loud school children (try not to touch anything).

iv. Remove your sketchbook (or tablet) from your bag. (maintaining the rule of touching nothing, except your feet on the floor and butt on the seat).

v. Compose yourself, check your mask is not slipping down your nose (pretend the trains interior is lava, minus your seat of course, your seat is safety).

vi. Find a subject, putting pen to paper (or tablet) and wait for the train to move.

vii. Recognize and select in your mind which train stop you will use as a point to conclude your drawing. Commit to it. (Prepare also for the train to contribute a few pencil marks as it throws you around the track with it).

viii. As soon as that train’s wheels begin momentum, start drawing (remember your seat is safety, the rest of the train is lava).

ix. If you are a one stop sketcher, be sure to leave enough time to date and record the title of the sketch as the train stops.

x. You should now have at least a thirty second window to select a new subject and prepare a new page. Begin the next drawing as the train begins to pull away. (Remember the train’s interior is lava, try not to move at all. Move only the drawing apparatus!)

xi. Just before you reach your final destination, be sure to date, title, put your equipment away, check your PPE is in good order, prepare your sanitiser and your tickets. When the train stops disembark. (carefully avoid yammering school children)

xii. You should now have a few mad sketches, that the bumpy train undoubtably would have helped you with. All COVID -19 rules adhered to, because a healthy human equals a healthy sketchbook.

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