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22 Chews and 1 Sip - Introduction

I have decided on an introduction to my sneak peak book so that people can use the idea of the chew sip method themselves.

I have created rules that are very easy to follow.


After graduating from art school, things got a little stale in life. Creativity continued, but I was producing mundane pointless work on manufactured flimsy canvas. There is absolutely no problem with productivity. I strongly believe it is a good idea to be creative every day, in fact it is something I would advise to all people artists or not. However, my work at this time had no meaning, its quality started to diminish and there was no direction or point to what I was doing. After my last exhibition in I decided to go back to the basics with my artwork.

Having a job that allowed me to practise my hand skills within the areas of woodwork, plastics and laser cutting, I began experimenting with materials. I would create sculptures, make surfaces to draw and paint on, play with resins, silicone moulds, create frames and stretch canvases. During this time, I had a number of side projects on the go with many of the materials mentioned above. These projects are still on going and have grown into a quite substantial volume of work.

Towards the end of 2017 I started to flirt with the idea of drawing everyday as I felt my ability to draw, paint and understand mark making was suffering due to my enthusiasm with working with my hands in a workshop. I purchased one of those A4 sketch books with the waxy black cover, with the intention to draw one thing every day. In my lunch breaks I would go to a local café, enjoy a warm green tea and just sketch any thing on my mind.

Time went by and I discovered I just had a collection of random pencil drawings that made no sense and just felt empty. Towards the end of 2017, I decided to go into the new year with a more focussed goal concerning my drawing abilities. I made rules. Rules I discovered are important whilst drawing. I needed a subject; I chose people. I needed a tool; I chose a Berol pen. I needed something to draw on; so, I bought a fancy A5 sketch book with a leather cover and a little bit of elastic that wrapped round its belly. I also needed parameters in which to work in; so, I invented the ‘chew sip method’.

The chew sip method

I. Find a comfortable place to sit, with a good view, plant your coat there so no one steals the spot.

II. Go get yourself a tea or whatever your choice of beverage is.

III. Get yourself something to munch on, or if your saving money, bring your own food.

IV. Go and sit down, ready your sketch book, choice of pen, arrange your tea and food and relax.

V. When you find your first subject, get your sketch book ready, pen in hand, take a good bite of food and hold.

VI. When food is in your mouth, on your first chew, connect your pen to the paper and start drawing.

VII. Chew twenty two times, whilst sketching out the subject.

VIII. On the last chew ready your drink in one hand and take a sip.

IX. That sip is the close to your sketch, so finish off the sketch whilst you gulp.

X. Take another bite and start the process again. By the time you have finished your food and drink you will have collection of quick sketches.

Through this method I have collected a series of sketches over the years. As time progressed throughout the year, I could see an improvement in my mark making and the information recorded on the page.

This book is a collection from the latter part of 2017, although in my opinion it is not my best work, it is my most honest work. This process is a joy, you should go and try it yourself, I think you will be surprised. (The trick is to chew slow, that way you really savour the taste of whatever you are eating, just make sure it’s something yummy).

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